At Mybigfatstore® we use apps that give both points for purchases, contests, and Give-A-Ways. Here’s a breakdown of how these programs work:

Rewards Program

Reward points are given at a 1 to 2 ratio, so for every two dollars, that is spent you get one reward point. An example is if you spend $100 you get 50 rewards points. Actually right now we are giving away extra points in the form of dollar for dollar, one point for every dollar spent, an example is if you spend $100 dollars you get 100 points. You also get points for just signing up for the program in the form of 100 points. Wait there’s more you also get points for social sharing using Twitter and Facebook if you participate in this offer you will earn an extra 300 points for each share. You will also receive 100 points for your birthday (you must enter your birthdate on the registration form to qualify) and for your anniversary, as well.  Stay tuned, more ways to earn points will be coming soon.

You can redeem your points at any time you must accumulate at least 100 points first because this is the minimum amount required at checkout. The maximum amount of points that can be used, per order, is 1000.  If you have more than 1000 points they will be left in your account and can be used at any time in subsequent orders. You can find out how many points you have at any time you would like my signing into the “my account” link in the upper right-hand side of the site and then go to the loyalty and rewards program link.

Contests and Give-A-Ways

As for the Contest and give-a-ways program, the terms of this option, the content varies by the type of program that is offered and changes often. One common program is the “purchase to win” contest. In order to qualify for the contest, you must make a purchase (there is no amount limit) and you will be automatically rewarded an entry in the program. Again the options of the program change often but there are generally smaller daily rewards such as $100 give-a-ways or a varied amount gift card to the store and a great grand prize (this also varies but in most cases it is a price valued anywhere from $300 to $1000) at the end date of the contest. You earn one drawing entry per purchase. Be on the lookout for ever-changing contests and give-a-ways.

Here’s the breakdown of all the options we have at our disposal and use them all from time to time:


  • Purchases
    Reward loyalty points are issued for all purchases on our site. (the exact amount varies for each promotional period.
  • Referrals
    Rewards for you bringing in referrals that generate new sales for the site.
  • Birthdays and Events E.g. Pet’s Birthday, etc.
    Rewards for sharing your key life moments, like birthdays, pet’s birthdays, anniversaries, and more.
  • Subscribing to our Newsletter
    By signing up for our newsletter not only do you get rewards points but also you will receive exclusive deals, presale alerts on specials, new or overstock merchandise.
  • Writing reviews
    Rewards for reviewing the products that you purchased. After you have the product for 7 (seven) days or so our server will send you a survey email to review the product, it’s that simple and you earn more points.
  • Account signups
    Rewards just for registering as a new user on our site.
  • Social shares
    We will give more points for participants that share a product, service, page, website, etc. Many options for you!
  • Under some situations, participants will receive points and/or instant rewards for a percentage off instantly (again this varies depending on the particular promotion going on. Just for interacting with our store’s web presence: Following you on Twitter, visiting your Facebook Page, tweeting or retweeting posts, and more….
  • Quiz and Surveys
    We also sometimes ask questions, run surveys and in return, we will reward loyalty points and instant prizes.
  • Incentivize many more actions including:
    • Visiting a specific page on our site.
    • Visiting our Facebook page.
    • You can also receive points for filling out custom forms(e.g. reservation form, attend an event form, webinar form, etc.) that we may run at any time and will be displayed in your “My Account” under loyalty and Rewards.  Also will be on the main page as a small “present” in the middle of the page on the far left side.
  • and more….
  • Rewards Redemption
    You can spend your points by claiming rewards, from coupons to physical rewards. We will define the points required to redeem from a selection of rewards; you have all the freedom to use our program however you see fit.

Pay using Points
You may also pay using your loyalty points. This will increase your buying power. and along with the four (4) to six (6) easy interest-free payments, you will be able to purchase whatever you want at an even larger discount than our already low prices!

Giveaways and Viral Offers
We also run multiple campaigns e.g. giveaways, viral offers, instant win promotions, which will boost your engagement and shares in your member’s area and we hope to get new customers. For e.g. you can get reward points for actions such as sharing your offers, watching your videos, visiting a page on our website, and much more.

Here are some more ways to earn points, coupons, gift cards, cash, and/or grand prizes like laptops, smartwatches, or any other products from our vast collection of thousands!


  • Comment on our WordPress Blog post


  • Rewards for forms that get filled out like custom fields (yes we collect data that way it’s just to better see what offerers you would be more likely to use).


  • Visit our Facebook page (And, we may ask a question related to the content on the Page).
  • Share on Facebook
  • Comment on Facebook


  • Visit Google plus page [Deprecated]


  • Follow
  • Visit Instagram profile (And, yes again we may ask a question related to the content on the Instagram profile).
  • View Instagram photo or video (And, we may ask a question related to the Instagram photo or video).


  • Share
  • Like a post


  • Subscribe to mailing lists


  • Follow us on Pinterest
  • Follow our board on Pinterest
  • Pin an image [Deprecated]


  • We will get your responses to the product(s) you bought after a certain amount of time passes.


  • Open-ended questions
  • Multiple choice single answer questions
  • Multiple choice multiple answers questions


  • Ask a question

Sign Up

  • Sign Up

Refer a friend

  • Refer a friend (You both get rewarded instantly).


  • Follow us on SoundCloud
  • Like a track on SoundCloud


  • Retweet a tweet
  • Tweet a tweet
  • Tweet a hashtag
  • Follow us


  • Visit a webpage (And, we will give you a special link on our site, and then ask a question related to the content on the webpage).


  • Subscribe to our channel
  • Like a video
  • Watch a video (And, we will ask a question related to the content of the video).

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

You can view the terms and conditions of these programs HERE

And as always if you have any questions or comments you can reach our support staff via our contact form HERE or HERE via email.

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